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Contentious Counsel

Smoking kills, but the tobacco industry is and remains completely legal. Assuming your business is as well, this book, "Contentious Counsel", will teach you some things you probably have never heard before!

While many mistakenly assume that the tobacco industry has been in decline for decades, the reality is very different. Surprisingly, there are more smokers today than ever before, and this industry continues to rake in unprecedented profits. How did they achieve this? Consider this book as a bridge between perception and reality. Much of what you thought you knew about the tobacco industry is incorrect, and some is indeed accurate.

Do you want to learn the lessons from the modern tobacco industry and apply them to your own business? This book will teach you the Big Tobacco “playbook that has made and kept a contentious global industry thriving and profitable.

Within these pages,
Max Krangle, a former international lawyer representing three major tobacco companies, unveils how the "old" tobacco industry shifted from a seemingly declining existence to a modern, efficiently-run corporate machinery that ingeniously transformed apparent setbacks into highly profitable outcomes, quite literally, turning lemons into very profitable lemonade, all legal, to get people to buy products that may kill them.

You will learn why you should embrace government regulations, and start each day with the hope that the government will tax your products, and tax them heavily. What’s more, Max Krangle will walk you through the organizational changes you can implement in your business which will save you money, reduce or eliminate employee turnover, and increase profits. So, if you want to learn what they don’t teach in any business school, read this book!

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