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Counsel Strategy is not a law firm, but a specialized legal consulting firm providing consulting and advice services that lawyers cannot.

We do not have practicing Solicitors or Barristers as partners or are constituted as a law firm under the Law Society Act of Ontario, or the Solicitors Act in England & Wales. Instead, our firm acts as a legal and business consultant, we provide oversight and management of specific legal and business issues and interact with our team of consultants.

This is a new concept within the structure of legal practices albeit does not contravene any governing statutes or regulatory standards. In the conduct of its legal support services, the company utilizes and relies upon licensed solicitors, paralegals and law clerks who are licensed practitioners where applicable, and are insured and in good standing with the Law Society of Upper Canada or the Law Society of England & Wales where mandated.

As legal consultants, we provide our clientele with legal consulting services while ensuring that all services provided are judiciously and professionally executed. Most importantly, all our services provided by our expert team of legal and business consultants, are executed economically, efficiently, and with a priority objective of ensuring that your client needs are best served above all else!

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